Friday, December 31, 2010

Another update :)

No infection. Praise the Lord!! Cat Scan showed no new swelling! Lots of movement on the right and starting to see some on the left! Poor guy everyone who walks in the room asks him "When are you going to open your eyes Jim?"

He knows and starts to get "vocal" when we talk to him. He is moaning and groaning in response to our questions. He can follow simple commands :) He is awake on the inside.....we just need him to wake ALL the way up :) They had to put soft restraints on him because he, even in the sleep state, is trying to pull the tubes out!!

When will he wake up? She (the nurse) said it is different for everyone. (a few days to a yr or whenever) His brain needs the rest, to heal. And when it is ready it will wake up.

Prayer request: he is having some trouble breathing on his own which leads to the question "do we hook him to a ventilator?"

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sasicas said...

Continued prayers for him and for you all for wisdom