Saturday, January 01, 2011


Y'all are awesome prayer warriors!!! The update from the dr.....are ya
ready? His breathing has greatly improved today. Monday my in laws
talk to the social worker as to what the next few steps would be. He
will get moved to a floor soon. (so out of ICU) They need to decided
home with a nurse or to a nursing home, until he wakes up. (after he
is done being out of ICU and on the floor)

 They are weaning him off of the oxygen today. Also having all the
results sent for a 2nd opinion :) Praying for wisdom still :)

The dr also said there is definite brain activity and he fully expects
him to wake up...he just can't guess when!

I can't thank you enough for the prayers! They mean a lot :) There is a
peace in the family that is for sure!!!

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