Thursday, December 16, 2010

Race #3!!

Hot Chocolate in Chicago!!!! Actually I ran it a few months ago....I just finally got around to posting!!!


Thanks to my Runner's World Friend for taking some great pics!!
The Bad:
  • It was difficult to know where to line up.
  • Difficult to pass.
  • Seemed like quite a few bottle neck spots.
  • Water Station was a Nightmare!!
The Good:
  • It was fun!!
  • Having an announcer was great.....he was very chatty with the runners and calling out names (on our bibs) at the end encouraging us in.
  • Music was great....even if it wasn't my genre.
  • Chocolate was great.
  • Volunteers were fantastic.
  • There were plenty of goodies for everyone!
  • The scenery was amazing.....I am a country girl so running in the city was really cool!!!!
  • It was a beautiful Morning.....a little chilly when you were standing around but perfect for running!!!
  • I have the health to run......and was physically able to finish. And for that I am thankful :)
All in all a race I would do again just knowing what I know now it would be for fun and not trying to beat my previous times!!
Time: 45:01
Overall: 10839 of 12702 Age Group: 1491 of 1732
The After Race Goodies!!!!
Thanks to my Another Runner's World Friend for this pic!!

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