Tuesday, January 04, 2011


For Me:
  • Keep up with the Physical Goals I have.
  • Read through the New Testament and Psalms and Proverbs.
  • I have gotten very laxed in the childrearing and they know that!

    For My Family:
    • I want to show the world (within reason of course) to my children. Our world is so much bigger then the walls of our home. More then our wants and even our needs. I want them to see and learn what our part is in helping others.

      For My Home:
      • Continue and Keep up the organization......I struggle with this greatly!
      • Pick and "Spring Clean" each room.......again.

        For Our Finances:
        • Continue the Dave Ramsey Journey......so v.e.r.y. close right now!!
        • More Savings
        • Actually saving (through out the year) for Christmas this year!

          For Our 2011 Christmas:
          • I have a lot of thoughts here. I pray the Lord will open some doors for us to do more for others!


            Brooke said...

            I am always amazed when people set so many great goals. Even if you don't get through all of them I think it is great to be so organized and thoughtful!

            Anonymous said...

            I am happy to meet you ~ Thanks for visiting my blog. I love how you categorized your resolutions ♥ very worthy goals. I have been pondering a few myself...
            BlEsSiNgS ♥ Kelsey

            Tisra said...

            I don't even do resolutions for "new years"... way to be ahead of me! ;-)

            I also haven't visited your blog in ages! What is the latest with the little boy you hoped to adopt? Any further in the process?