Thursday, April 14, 2011

Keepin' it Real :)

Sometimes things happen and while you are in it, it makes no sense. The why's come quickly. The how will we survive? What will we do?

Then one day when you are sitting around a bed in a nursing home. A nursing home you never expected to spend so much time at. And you see your kids laughing and giggling with their Grandpa, hearing stories that may have never been told because life gets too busy. And now we have no choice. But that is a good thing.

And you realize once again that God has this. He has this thing called life :)


sschneringer said...

So very true! I have been & will continue to pray for your family! Thank you for your faithfulness and encouragement.

Robertson Family said...

I feel ya!! Six months ago we didnt know if my dad was going to live through his cancer. Today I spent the day with him and watched him play cards with my youngest!