Friday, April 15, 2011

Update on "I".

I have had a lot of people ask about "I" and I have ignored a lot pf people when they asked. It hurts sometimes. It hurts when you think life should go in one direction and it goes in another.

My husband wanted to accomplish a few things before we officially set out to adopt him....or anyone for that matter. We are close to what he wanted to accomplish and I went to check the waiting child list and "I" was gone. Gone. There had been talk of him switching to another orphanage closed to adoption.  So immediately I hoped that was not the case. I know ALL orphans deserve a home but some of them manage to pull on heart strings more then others for some reason. THIS boy I needed to hear he was in a family and not in a closed orphanage.

So I shot an get the news that he was in fact GOING TO BE IN A FAMILY :) And my heart is so happy for him :) So happy. Rumor has it he will be in the US.

Maybe our place wasn't to have him in our home. Maybe our place was to pray him into HIS home :) Maybe our place was to pray for his adjustment into his new home (I thought I was praying for his adjustment into our home ;))


SO if an internet search brings his family across this blog PLEASE let us know how he is doing when he gets home. If you have a blog PLEASE share it with us :)

"I" is 7. His Bday is Sept! And he is expected home sometime this year!


So we as a family will continue to wait until God opens the next door officially for us :)

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Christy O said...

Prayers are with you! I know that it is a blessing and relief to know that the child you prayed for will be home in a family, what you ultimately wanted for him. But, your mama's heart misses him too. God has a plan, but we just don't know what it is. Praying that you get to see His plan unfold for your family soon! It is so hard to wait! So glad to know that "I" has a family. (Can I say, been there, done that? H is a child that we met, could not adopt at that time, and she is now home in the US with a family. I am so glad, but would so love to see her little face in person. H was adopted through CWA last year, has unknown developmental delays and is probably about three. My daughter Tsion loved on her while they were at the orphanage.)