Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Wowzers.....where did summer run off to?

  • I can't believe it is back to school time.
  • Best thing about "back to school".....that much closer to fall.
  • The midwest has been WICKED hot!!!
  • I'm not sure that it is actually hotter than any other summer but when you are IN it it feels like the HOTTEST EVAH!!!!
  • We are planning our first camping trip to........Land of the Lakes :)
  • We bought a "new" car to pull the camper......just couldn't do that to the poor mini van!
  • I have been making an extra breakfast, lunch and dinner a week in prep for having it "easy" while camping. I'll let you know how that works out for me lol!!
  • We patched all the holes in the canvas and it has rained twice and NO LEAKS :-)
  • The I*R*S* is driving me batty too!
  • Prepping for my first 10k in August!!


Dianna Jo said...

This summer has flown by... it has just been too hot to really enjoy it. Enjoy your camping trip, hopefully we cool off in MN for you to enjoy!

A Stafford said...

It has been a stifling hot summer here in MN, but finally it is in the 80's and we are able to be outdoors comfortably again. The mosquitoes are even disappearing! What kind of vehicle is that? We are in need of one too, as my husband's car repair bill is way over the value of the car. Have fun camping! (And I hate the IRS.)