Monday, August 15, 2011

First 10k. First Blister. First Puke. First AG Award!

I had a full Saturday Morning ;-)

Start Friday.....I knew I wasn't ready but just could not DNS.  (did not start)

So I went for it knowing it would take me FOREVER and a day to finish!! And it did. 1.25.22.....

First 3 miles went well. I felt "good". Really I was okay until mile 5 and I was done. I was SO FAR behind anyone and the 4 wheeler was following me in. I was a bit embarrassed but decided to let that be motivation to be serious about training in the future!!!

My family was outside of the (high school) foot ball field  waiting for me and I almost stopped. I almost turned around and siad "forget it". But I was so close to finishing. So I went for it. I pulled (from somewhere I am not sure) enough energy to run that last little bit.

As I entered the field a young girl (high school age I assume) asked if I would like her to run around the field to the finish with me.I told her sure becasue at that point I seriously felt like an absolute idiot, the other runners were in the bleachers waiting on the award ceremony to start and they were waiting on me :*(

So we ran. And I finished. I know a lot of people don't understand the need to "just finish" or why one would "race" to just finish. But for me that is what I came to do. I lost 80 pounds to even attempt a 10k.....after this last 40 next years will be easier ;)

We crossed the finish line and I made it to the grass before all the water from the run made an appearance.
Can I just say that sweet girl, whoever she was, went and got paper towels, fruit and a water for me and sat with me until I got up and felt good.

I left.

Not long later a friend on FB sent me a message telling me I was 3rd in my age group.....LOL Me? Really?

Yes it was a SMALL home town race :)

Then I finally kicked off my shoes and noticed the blister........what a Saturday!!


Butterfly said...

You've come a long way! Good job on Finishing! =)

Me said...

I am so proud of you for finishing! I read this with such a smile. I mean seriously, this is why people run. Who cares where you finished ... you finished! And oh that sweet girl. I really liked this post. :)

Anonymous said...

I may not be a runner but I am pretty sure anyone who has set goal know what it means to follow through you make me so amazed!