Monday, September 26, 2011

Same Race a Year Later :-)

I may say this every time......but this was my favorite race to date. It was so fun going in knowing exactly what was going to happen. Knowing where to get my bib. How much time I would need pre race. Where the bathroom and water fountains are. Where the starting line it.

I felt amazing, yet disappointed I REALLY wanted to hit the 30's, at the finish line. I ran the whole time... which for me is an improvement over last year :0)

The lady who handed out the bibs wondered how I got bib #1......I told her I signed up in April. She said "most people wait until the last minute"....."not me this is going to be one on the schedule every year" :0)

That being said being bib #1 is not fun.......lots of screams for "#1"!

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