Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Bad Bad Blogger.......

Our family is in a slow time right now of doing anything interesting lol!!

Picking and cutting veggies for the that's not interesting.
Cleaning the barn.......nope that's not it either.
Switching the clothes from summer to
Cleaning out the BORING.
Doing laundry.......can't do that to people.
Making food for the camping again.
Thrift not blog worthy.
Lost Library Book.......nope!
Lack of weight loss.......can't do that to myself lol!!

Can't share pictures because once again my cord has gone MIA.

I don't even have a new recipe to share???

I do have a race coming up the end of Sept.......that's all I got for ya folks. That's it :-)


Elaine Joy said...

It's been TOO long since I've viewed the PJ blog! I liked your post...even if you don't have pictures! Did you find the cord for your camera? :-)

A Stafford said...

Double checked to make sure I didn't write this post---pretty much the same around here!